Your Guide to $100 a Day Online – Part 5

100, Dollars

Step 5: Prepare a Lucrative Joint Venture

Networking in this manner helps you connect with other marketers in your niche.

No marketer wants to be left completely alone in their online efforts.

Everyone enjoys finding like-minded niche leaders because it provides ample profit potential.

Don’t approach another marketer with a cookie cutter offer for them to promote you.

There is a certain amount of etiquette involved.

To start with, promote their products if you believe in them so much.

Connect with them about your affiliate status and how your customers are enjoying their products.

Approach them about the possibility of your product being a good fit for their own audience.

This requires you to spend some time getting immersed in their online community and seeing what it is their customers want and feel they get from that other person.

When you approach them, don’t just ask if they want to see if your product is a good fit, send them the download links or access to the product and a bevy of tools they can use to promote it if they want to, including their affiliate link!

Getting to the $100 a day level isn’t difficult.

It just requires a lot of action taking and planning.

Don’t let competition or technicalities get in your way.

Plow through it with enthusiasm and baby steps and it will help you achieve your monetary goals in no time.



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