Your Guide to $100 a Day Online – Part 3

100, Dollars

Step 3: Blog Daily

Blogging daily is important for you to achieve your financial goals.

Blogs are well received by Google and other search engines, and they’re also easy to run and rank quickly in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Line up a set of blog topics for your niche.

Don’t worry as much about keywords as you do writing for your target audience.

Keywords don’t buy from you, humans do.

Use keyword research as a guide to help you discover what your target audience wants.

But steer clear of writing some perfect formula of words that ramps your content up to a specific density level.

It will read awkwardly to your visitors.

In addition to keywords for ideas and guidance, use forums in your niche to pick the brains of your target audience.

The questions they’re asking and the problems they’re talking about provide you with prime opportunities for cashing in on your blog.

Not only does frequent blogging provide your search engine bots with more fodder for them to index, but it keeps your human visitors returning because they know they can always find fresh content and news on your site.

You’ll be revered as the person who always has an ear to the ground – someone guiding the way in the niche they’re tuned into.

If your blog becomes stagnant, not only do search bots come less frequently, but humans will see the blog and believe you’ve given up – or simply don’t care anymore.

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