Your Guide to $100 a day Online – Part 2

100, Dollars

Step 2: Pair Products and Services

There’s one thing people need to remember whenever you’re striving for that $100 a day goal – you need to work hard on all levels to make it happen for you.

Some experts will advise that you pick one niche, one business model – and work on it from there.

Others will tell you to diversify from the very beginning.

This is a great concept because it helps you cover all bases.

When one branch isn’t making as much money, you have the potential to bring in cash in other ways.

Some methods are residual, while others crank out cash one time only for you.

It’s a good idea to pair both services and products in your initial efforts.

Create products for a target niche audience.

It can be in any niche that you want – but start working on creating something that other marketers will promote for you as your affiliate.

Ideally, you want an evergreen product that will build sales over time.

You don’t want something that’s considered a flash in the pan.

Create eBooks, video courses and membership sites that will generate interest and lure affiliates to your offer.

You don’t have to have a $100 product to make $100 a day.

You can create a narrow topic info product and sell it cheap and appeal to a wide audience where you have a price point that makes buying it a “no brainer.”

Recommend other people’s products to get your income up.

It’s easy to rank online for a specific product name when you review it on your blog.

The key is to become a trusted reviewer – someone who tells it like it is and doesn’t gloss over the “cons” of the product.

Don’t just look for whatever’s ranking well in the marketplace.

Look for products that fit your target audience perfectly. Don’t recommend anything without trying it, either.

Always go through a course and give a thorough, deep review.

Provide services to go along with your product creation and affiliate marketing efforts.

Services are always in demand, and since you’re becoming a marketer yourself, why not tack on some tasks that you can do for others?

What kinds of tasks are you doing for your own business that you can offer to busy marketers willing to pay?

  • Ghostwriting
  • Social Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Creation
  • Website Development
  • Customer Service…and more.

You can rely heavily on services to get started and then wean yourself off of them as your income nears closer to $100 a day with residual product and promotion earnings.

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