You Guide to $100 a day Online – Part 1

Step 1: Pick a Money Niche

Without the right niche, you’re not going to be making anything, much less $100 a day.

But forget the whole slimy process of looking for one specific keyword that has just the right measure of traffic and the least amount of competition.

You may want $100 a day, but your next goal will be to multiply that into something more, right?

That means you’ll need to have a niche you enjoy working in – and personal satisfaction also translates into more money – more so than keyword volume and competition stats do.

At the same time, you want something that has profit potential.

You can’t be careless about that part of the equation, either.

What constitutes a money niche?

Preferably, it includes lots of product creation and affiliate sales potential – maybe even in both the tangible and digital realms.

Let’s go over a few examples so you can learn how to size up a niche right of the bat.

Everyone always wonders if they can begin in the “Internet marketing” niche.


Even if you’re not meeting your monetary goals, you can still teach someone who knows less than you on some topic, what they need to know.

For example, if you know any of these skills, you can teach other would-be Internet marketers about this:

  • How to write articles or sales copy
  • How to install a blog
  • How to make a video for YouTube
  • How to conduct keyword research
  • How to use social networking sites

You have plenty of potential in this niche.

You can recommend or create tons of how-to products in digital form, and you can also recommend tangible items like Dragon Naturally Speaking or books sold on Amazon about branding and leadership, email marketing and niche research.

Let’s look outside of the make money online niche.

Health is big – especially the evergreen diet and fitness niche.

Here, you’ll find a whole host of profit potential, including things like eBooks about how to lose weight or how to perfect specific parts of your body (think abs, legs or rear).

You can also promote tangibles such as scales, treadmills, kettlebells, and more.

Or how about pets?

Pet owners are a big online target audience – and they like to buy toys, clothes, treats and more – as well as download info products about grooming, healthcare and training.

You have to strike the right balance between narrow and broad niches.

If you zero in on just one model of one brand of one product, then you’re boxing yourself into a corner.

At the same time, if you try making $100 a day on a broad site like “health” then it’s so all-encompassing, it makes it harder to be seen as an authority in the niche and gain some footing for sales.

Up Next:

Step 2: Pair Products and Services

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