How I Make My Own Images For Free

How to make free images

… and in ten seconds flat, to boot.

We all know that including images into your posts or articles make for a much more reader-friendly experience.

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting as much as I should have is because I find it a pain to look for images.

And I’m not really ready to pay for photos.

I want free ones.

Yes, there are a couple of resources to obtain images for free, and I have duly checked those out.

But I found myself spending too much time browsing through the pictures until I would find one that I liked, only to discover, upon downloading, that I had to give attribution to the owner.

I’d prefer the plain images, if you understand what I mean, without always giving credit. Besides which, it was taking too long.

Life would’ve continued going along this way, with me publishing posts without images, if not for the fact that I decided to switch themes.

I actually downloaded this theme awhile ago, but when it came to setting the featured image for the thumbnail, I got cold feet and settled for a different theme, one that wouldn’t demand at least one image for every post.

When I was finally ready to pull my head out of the sand, I installed this theme, and went back to adding images to the posts to use as a featured image (which appears on the thumbnail on the homepage near each post).

So here’s what I did to get my free images:

  • I searched on – and those don’t require any attribution. So that’s a great option if you want real photos of things.
  • I also installed the (free) plugin called pixabay, which pulls free images that are in the public domain. Once installed, it puts an icon into your post editor so you can simply press it and search for and insert an image directly into your post (and/or use it as the featured image). The problem with this is that lately something is wrong with it (at least by me) and the images don’t come up until I insert it, and besides, there’s not an endless choice of images (all of the ones with women in them have the same lady, etc.).
  • The following method I used for a few of the images here – such as the post here with the Aweber logo, and the Google “excuses” image, to name a few:
  1. I simply went to the site (such as Aweber, or went to Google and typed “EXCUSES,” etc.). Snipping tool in the start menu
  2. Then I  found my snipping tool in my Start menu of my computer, and captured the image! It saves in 3 seconds to my desktop, and uploads in 2 seconds to my media library in my posts editor.
  3. Then I either insert it into my blog post, or set it as the featured image! (The small snapshot on the right here is my Start menu button – I wanted to display it in case someone is not sure what the “Start menu” is (and also because I really should be adding images to my posts!)

Works like a charm, and is perfect for when you don’t have all day to browse through hundreds of stock photos. The only downside is that not everything can be captured with your snipping tool. Sometimes you want a real photo (which I then found on

Other resources where you can get  free images for your blogs or website (or anything!) include:

  • (stock.xchng)
  • (for infographics) (I’ve used some of those here in other blog posts)
  • I’ve also heard of wikimedia which has images that are in the public domain.

With all the above sites, be sure to check if there any restrictions (which make me nervous, so I tend to avoid those).

Any other ideas for obtaining royalty-free and cost-free images? Please share them below in the comments!




2 thoughts on “How I Make My Own Images For Free”

  1. Another source for free images that are free to use:

    Type in what you are looking for in Google Search and click. Then click Images at top after you get results. Then click on options to the right (looks like a gear next to safe search) and select Advanced Search. Scroll down once Advanced Search is open to Usage Rights at bottom and click the arrow to select “free to use, share or modify,even commercially”.

  2. Excellent, excellent article – one of the most complete articles on finding free photos that I have ever read. You definitely do not want someone coming after you for copyright infringement – especially when there are so many great resources.

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