What I’m Up to Now, How I’ve Made Progress

Wow, although I haven’t posted in a while, I have not faded into oblivion.

I’m still here, and still working on my business.

Where I’m holding:

I finally came up with a “hook” that I liked for my membership idea. It was one of those ideas that hits you when you’re brushing your teeth (because it’s the only quiet moment you actually have…the other quiet moment is when you’re drifting off to sleep. Which doesn’t make for an awful lot of creative ideas hitting you – mainly because of the drifting-off-to-sleep factor….:) )

That was at least a half a year ago.

Since then I’ve joined two memberships that I find invaluable in the amount of stuff I learn and the amount of help I get from people who know what they’re talking about and are happy to share their knowledge!

I am so done with joining courses for $2K and learning how to start a WordPress blog.

I’m getting the real thing, and really excited about moving my business forward!

The only reason I’m not yet like a billionaire is because I still work (from home) and I still thank G-d have my family to take care of (it can get pretty time-consuming when parenting six young children).

But I’m happy to report that I’ve mastered the art of stealing ten minutes here and 20 minutes there to learn, implement, seek out advice, and make progress.

That’s the key – keep moving forward. Do something every day. (In my case, if I can’t do something every day, at least I’m using all my spare time to think about moving my business forward. Which brings us back to my brilliant “hook” that I came up with while brushing my teeth.)

I learned about the hook idea from this secret-not-so-secret group – it’s like paradise in there. I like that it’s small and I don’t feel shy to ask any questions. I can learn about whatever I want and whenever I want. (No learning how to set up WordPress blogs! I’m onto the real stuff, such as driving Facebook traffic and how to set yourself apart from the crowd, and like a whole ton more!)

I joined on a $1 trial he ran for like a week…and was totally planning to cancel after a week. (Cuz I’m like that – don’t like to spend money if I don’t have to 😉 )

That $1 trial was the smartest thing he ever did for his business.

Wouldn’t you sign up for $1?!

Yeah, me too.

Actually, you can. I’m nice like that.

Go ahead, check it out. Dare to not be completely bowled over by the sheer amount of content, not to mention the little pieces of advice you pick up simply by being there that will immediately make a difference to moving your business forward.


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