Is Your Path To Success Hindered By Excuses?


If you were to ask me why it is that I have been swimming around in the vast waters of the Internet Marketing ocean for over three years already, yet have nothing yet to show for it , I have a whole list of excuses at the ready.

To be fair to myself, these are real and valid excuses; but excuses nonetheless. I have similar reasons when I ask myself why I haven’t yet embarked on that long-awaited diet.

At the root of all my excuses is the fact that I simply don’t have time.

From there branch out all the details – my kids, cooking, shopping (for necessities, never leisure!), chauffeuring my kids to and from school, taking care of them when they come home, putting them to bed, enduring the mountains of laundry that they generate, trying to earn some money in any spare moment that I can find. And the list goes on.

Now, while none of the above is about to change, I’m going to have to change if I plan to finally realize my goals. All the (very valid) reasons that have been hindering my path to success will somehow have to fall to the wayside.

I would like to publicly announce my very first breakthrough on my journey to success: I have a new mindset. Nothing will ever happen if I continue to let life lead me in circles. If you keep doing the same thing, you keep getting the same results.

When an excuse presents itself, I will acknowledge its presence, thank it for coming, and remind myself that it’s just an excuse. It has arrived to let me know that I have to use my ingenuity to figure out a way around it.

That’s the new mindset, now comes the hard part: implementation!

What do you think of this infographic that I found? Anything you can relate to?

How to Eliminate Procrastination


So what’s hindering you? Do you have a new mindset to help you in your path to success?


5 thoughts on “Is Your Path To Success Hindered By Excuses?”

  1. Riki, I love your blog! I’m going to commit to stop letting life lead me in circles as well! I don’t think people would struggle so much with time management if they could manage their focus (myself included!) better. Thank you for being so honest and transparent on your blog. Many others are also going to be able to relate to you! 🙂

  2. Definitely can relate. Procrastination affects most people in one or another. Can’t wait to follow your IMPLEMENTATION and how you overcome obstacles to CHANGE with your new MINDSET. Your posts look like a breath of fresh air. Down to earth, real and practical. Have a safe journey!!!

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