Passive Income With Product Creation

Info product creation is another lucrative way that you can make money online.

But this area of money making has a lot of other benefits as well.

When you write and then promote your own info product, this helps establish you as an expert in whatever niche that you’re in.

It works to strengthen whatever brand you’re trying to develop.

Plus, it gives you a source of passive income.

A passive income is the kind of money flow that can put cash in your pocket for many months or even years after you’ve created your product.

One of the reasons that some people don’t create an info product is that they believe they have to do all of the work themselves.

But you don’t.

There are many successful Internet marketers who use service providers to help them.

By paying a service provider, you can shorten the amount of time that it takes to create a product.

Plus, this can help you in any areas of the creation process that may not be your strong point.

For example, if you’re good with graphics, then you should create your own graphics because it will be cheaper and easier if you do that.

But if you’re not, then you should outsource.

Same thing with writing.

If you’re not great with writing, then try to outsource to a professional ghostwriter.

Even if you outsource things like writing, you’ll want to put your own unique voice into the final product.

Once you’ve completed your product, you’ll still need to market it.

This is where a lot of new marketers go wrong.

You need a marketing plan.

Having a solid marketing plan can make the difference between a launch that soars and one that flops.

Your marketing plan needs to go into effect before your launch ever happens.

You can start by mentioning on social media that you’re working on a special project then post hints and teaser in the following weeks.

This will make your followers curious and make them more likely to read about your product when you’re finally ready to release it.

Every good marketing plan should include an affiliate program.

You want an army of affiliates that are eager to share your product with their own followers.

This not only brings you more cash, but it also gives you more subscribers and helps you find new customers.

You don’t have to manage your affiliates yourself because this can be a big job.

Instead, you can use a platform like ClickBank, JVZoo or Warrior Plus.

By using these platforms, you’ll have access to affiliates who are already looking for great products to promote.

In order to get the best affiliates promoting your products and helping you earn more money, you need to set a good commission rate.

No one wants to promote your product for only a ten percent commission.

The best affiliate promoters usually expect half the purchase price of the item they’re promoting.

If this seems like a lot, remember that good affiliates can put your product on the bestseller lists, which will result in even more sales for you.

But setting a generous commission rate isn’t the only thing you need to do. You should also create plenty of extras so that it’s easy for your affiliates to promote your info products.

Some of the tools that you could give your affiliates include graphics, product links, comparison charts, email autoresponder swipe files, free bonuses and more.

Once your product has launched, you’ll get returning as well as new customers signing up to your list.

Many of them will have questions about the product.

Make sure you handle inquires promptly and don’t outsource customer service until your business grows to a point where it’s impossible for you to handle it yourself.


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