Market like a Missile

Market like a Missile

This is something I don’t recommend you try yourself. The message though, is a sound one, definitely worth taking to heart, so I decided to talk about it here on my blog.

I’m referring to John Chow’s latest video in his series that he calls “Driving with John Chow.” I just chanced upon it today, and he’s already up to episode #30, so I imagine he’s got lots of other interesting tidbits on the other ones.

Don’t try this at home (or in the car!)

He records his video while driving in his open convertible. While I’ll admit that it adds to the coolness factor, I spent most of my viewing time worrying about his road safety, as well as the safety of his daughter Sally, who seems determined to distract her father (and maybe grab some of the attention for herself?).

His message was a simple yet important one: Just do, he says. Just start your blog. And stop thinking about it.

He tells of a friend of his who has been thinking of starting a blog for the longest time. How long? Same long as John himself has thought of it. Was it since 2006?

Do Try This at Home

When you start out, you may have a particular plan in mind of how you want your blog to look/function/be. At the end of the (proverbial) day, it may look nothing like your original plan.

Just start, he says, and make changes along the way as needed. 

Don’t wait until all everything is perfectly in place, or you’ll never start.

Missiles vs. Targets

A missile, while on its way to its intended target,  goes through many swerves and swoops and is constantly putting itself back on track until it finally reaches its target.

Just start; don’t over think anything. Embrace the inevitable curves along the way which will only serve to help you reach your end goal that much better.  

Watch the Episode

 What did you think?

Nothing earth-shattering, I agree. Just a good thought. And I did like the comparison of the missile.

Important for those of us who tend over think things.


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