Is it Really Possible to Make Money Online?


You’ve been hearing rumors about people making money online . . . and you want in. Maybe you don’t have a job, or you are sick of yours.  Or, like me, you would like to stay home with your kids, and need to supplement your husband’s income. Regardless of the reason, everyone needs to earn money to survive and pay the bills, and you’re pretty sure that there is bound to be SOME way for you to earn money via the Internet.

I’d like to make one thing clear: it is DEFINITELY possible to make money online. Unfortunately, that is where the clarity ends. Because when you get to the next step of figuring out how you are going to go about doing so, that’s where the confusion sets in.

For starters, let’s discuss some ways that people worldwide are earning money online. You can open an ecommerce store (provided you have what to sell, whether your own products, or sourced elsewhere). You can offer services to other businesses (online or offline — provided you possess the skill set necessary for such services). If selling goods or services is something that “speaks” to you, you know where you’re headed, and you will probably be off now to seek more information to help you set such a thing up.

Here is an infographic I found which offers some more suggestions. If none of them speak to you, scroll down past the infographic to continue reading.

10 Scam Free Ways  to Make Money Online


“But I don’t have any skills or products to offer!”

Wondering how I can read your mind?  🙂 Well then, I’m glad we’re talking.

Let’s get YOU started on your path to making money online!

The first thing you need to do is some introspection. Ask yourself what you have an interest in. Maybe you have a bit of knowledge about something that others don’t? Perhaps you have experience in an area that others struggle with. Think about it. Write down your ideas. Narrow down your list. Don’t panic if the definitive “aha!” moment doesn’t come to you in one sitting; it may take some time for you to really connect with an idea.

Figuring out what it is that you can do is the first step. Once you’ve discovered your niche, it’s time to offer that knowledge to the world.

“Wait! I haven’t yet figured out what to do!” I can almost hear you wail.

The answer to that, my friend, is to follow a proven path. Find a person or a program that is already successful, and copy what they’re doing. And keep your mind wide, wide open. Start noticing the world around you from a marketing perspective. Things will start to come to you.

Say, for example, that you are on a diet, and it’s really working for you. Tada! You know something that others don’t. Share your knowledge!

Maybe you used to be a harried housewife, but have reached deep inside yourself and unlocked your hidden potential. You now have a system that works for you. You have something to teach others!

I, for one, am using this blog as a way to teach others the methods I will be using to make money online.

I would also like to (in the future) document my weight loss efforts in a way that can be helpful to others.

So now it’s your turn! What are you, who are you, and what do you know that you can share with the world? Let’s talk in the comments!

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