Is Coaching Right For You?

You can earn even more money by sharing your knowledge with others who want to know how to achieve success in your niche.

What you first have to decide is if you’re going to do one on one coaching or do it in a group format.

You will earn more money having group sessions versus one on one because you’re spending the same amount of time, yet making ten, twenty or thirty times what you would one on one.

By coaching, you’ll generate a steady income.

You can show people how to succeed in their niche.

These are people who want help from someone who has been there and they’re willing to pay for your help so they can be successful, too.

You’ll be a mentor to them.

You’ll guide them through all areas associated with their business.

Some of these areas might include the best way to grow their income, how they can become an expert and how they can market their business.

If it’s in a niche like dieting, then your coaching might take them on a 6-week challenge and if it’s group coaching, they can be pillars of support for one another while you coach them with your guidance.

You can set up your coaching business in 30, 60 or 90 day cycles, for example.

Obviously, the 90-day cycles would need to cost a little more since you’re not rotating in new members as often.

You can teach through your online forum, through webinars, Facebook groups, or through tutorials on private video sharing sites.

You can establish contact with your clients through Skype or Google Hangouts, through phone calls, through emails or in an online group that you set up.

You’ll want to make it clear when you’re marketing your coaching skills – what benefits your clients will receive.

You might want to mention specific ways that you can help them.

This might be something along the lines of how you can teach them to be successful using email or video marketing.

You can offer ways to teach them how to build a web presence, how to establish a growing platform, how to blog, incorporate social media and more.

To get started as a coach, you’ll want to look at how others have done it.

You can even hire a coach to teach you how to coach.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have the kind of experience others are willing to pay for.


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