Hello, there!

I thought I’d finally check back in here. Writing always helps me get my thoughts out, and I usually find myself much more organized after doing so.

So, let me first begin by saying how frustrating it’s been the past couple of months where I was so bogged down with my regular work, that I had barely any time to focus on creating my online program.

Yes, I know, my work is from home, and love the flexibility that working from home offers, but it’s still not flexible enough for me.

And although I know (or at least like to think) that I’m good at what I do, I still don’t have any major passion for it; I just do it because it brings in money, and money is what we need to keep life moving.

But deep down (and even not so deep down!) I know that I could be making even more money with my online projects because it’s scalable. And it’s more exciting. And it’s something I’m passionate about and personally involved in.

I’m still part of this membership I was telling you about last time, and I really try here and there to sneak some time out of my work time and watch some training videos. I always come away with some new “aha” moment, or some good pieces of advice.

I think they left the $1 trial on as a permanent thing. (When I joined it was a 1-week thing, where I was going to lose my chance to join if I didn’t take them up on it now. )

Here’s the link to join, by the way, if you’re also up to the part of your business where you’d like to learn things such as email marketing, driving your own traffic (through Facebook ads or others), positioning herself, etc.

I haven’t seen any “basic” how-tos, such as setting up a WordPress blog.

(Everyone knows that those tutorials are all available for free somewhere.)

It’s more like, “Let’s take a look at your website and see how we can tweak it to portray your message to the right person.”

Or, “here’s how to present yourself in the best way possible.”

Personally, I love the training on running Facebook ads. I have zero experience with it, but I know it works really really well these days, and I certainly don’t want to have to pay someone to do it for me (I mean, I want to, but I just don’t have the money for it!).

Anyways, I think I’m going to sign off. I don’t want me to convince myself that putting up a short blog post is considered “working on my online business.: 😉



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