My Foray, Part 2


Week 3 almost passed me by without an update! That’s what happens when writing a post is not on the list of homework, I guess. I’m going to have to put it into my to-do list by myself.

This week involved setting up a free report, a squeeze page, and a thank-you page and uploading them to my server, as well as creating an opt-in form for  my sidebar.

The instructions were pretty clear, and since I already had filezilla, kompozer, and aweber, it went without a hitch, thank goodness.

What I learned that I didn’t know before:

  • The way to make an opt-in form for the sidebar is not by spending an entire day trying to squeeze the text into the header of the template on aweber. And then subsequently wondering why on earth my opt-in form looks like it fell straight off of Mars.
  • The correct  (and very easy, I might add) way is to to simply type your text into the widget area, and copy and past only the actual “Name/Email/Submit button.” I learned a really cool method of a having nicely formatted body — type it into the post editor under visual, and copy and paste it from the “text” part of the editor, straight into the widget area! See this blog post for more detailed instructions on how to add an opt-in form on  your blog.
  • I never knew the first thing about squeeze pages. Now I know one thing, and that consists of how to get my picture onto it and upload it onto my server. Next week I will probably know more about it, hopefully in the form of getting people to sign up to my list through it!

Talking about pictures, I’m a little wary of having my picture up there on the squeeze page. Firstly, it’s 3 years old, at least. Secondly, I don’t exactly love that picture (for reasons we can get into another time!). But it’s a picture, and I’m getting out of my comfort zone, so we will leave it for now. 

I’m feeling mighty proud of having my very own opt-in form on the sidebar of my blog. As I mentioned before, this has never happened, and it has also never been so easy! Check it out and see for yourself over there ==============================================>.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time to get into this next week’s lessons which is going out and getting traffic. Excited — maybe this is it! Will it bear fruit? Nervous — oh my! Really stepping out of my comfort zone here.

I’ll keep ya posted, have no fear.

P.S. I am thinking of changing my blog’s theme to one that has thumbnail pictures on the side, and a short snippet of the beginning of each post, instead of all the posts in their entirety on the homepage. Looking for opinions for preferences. Yes, yours!


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