My Foray Into Internet Marketing, Part I


I did say that I was going to document my journey to Internet Marketing success, and that you were going to be joining me for the ride, so here goes!

The first week’s lessons were the easiest for me. It involved picking a niche. (I decided to go with helping others learn to make their first dollars online, and I would also love to go into weight loss. Soon!)

Buying a domain name, connecting it to my previously-purchased hosting, and setting up a blog (this one!) was pretty simple and straightforward; I followed the directions exactly. I even learned how to make a header, a concept that I’d never even thought of before.

The second week’s lessons are taking me much longer. Mainly because it requires much more work on my part — brainstorming for ideas, crossing them off, trying again, flooding myself with self doubt, and then trying again.

Finding pictures and info graphics is not on my list of favorite things to do. I’m  unsure about the rules when it comes to giving credit to the source it was taken from, and I therefore passed up many images that I saw and instead settled for info graphics that were just super-easy to insert.

As the second week draws to a close, and the third week’s lesson is already up, I am rushing to get out my 3 requisite posts, and I’m just going to close my eyes and hit the publish button!

What I didn’t expect to take up so much time this week, was the email I got as I was going about minding my own business.

It was from Hostgator, who was my hosting provider for my webites. Was, as in past tense, because I’m planning to cancel as soon as they get their act together and respond to me.

To make a long (very long — 2 days worth) story short, the email from Hostgator announced a very limited-time offer of 1.99 a month for hosting. As the offer was going to expire half an hour later, I just signed up.

Someone then alerted me to the fact that Bluehost was running an even cheaper deal — 99 cents!

Even I can tell that .99 is cheaper than 1.99, and definitely cheaper than 9.99, which I was currently paying.

Knowing absolutely nothing about the process of switching hosting providers, I switched. And proceeded to spend the next two days (and nights) on the phone and live chatting with Bluehost technicians. Phone during the day, and live chat at night (so as not to wake up my sleeping family — we’re talking deep deep into the middle of the night).

Of course, I ran into snags along every single step of the way which made the process even longer. Not going to get into details, but let’s just say that I learned about .sql and myphpadmin and other such things that would otherwise never enter the radar of a simple person like myself.

Lessons learned: Hostgator stinks. When I originally signed up they were great. Offered great customer service. Now, I’m still trying to reach someone and it’s been almost a week. I have also sent in a cancellation request, and I’m still waiting.

Another lesson learned: Switching hosting providers isn’t as easy as switching between WordPress themes. There’s a reason they charge $99 to take care of the migration for you. No thanks, I repeatedly told them, I am switching to make it easier on my pocket!

To their credit, the technicians at Bluehost were great! I had a great experience with almost every single one of them (except for the guy on live chat who kept sending me links which described how to move my files myself — most of which consisted of “contact your current provider”).

Tip of the day: If you want to switch hosting providers, call them up and have them walk you through the entire thing!

When I get around to it, I’d even sign up as an affiliate for Bluehost so I can send my readers there (if I have any yet) because I really had a great experience with them.

I’m going to take the plunge and hit the publish button on this post too. I know, it’s not fancy, professional, or even ground-breaking. It’s just my journey, and I’m being myself. I may come back to edit it later, or add a visual, or maybe even think of SEO, but for now, I have to get back to life!


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