How To Know If Internet Marketing Is For You

Before you get started in this industry, you have to analyze your own mindset to see if you have what it takes to be an online entrepreneur from conception to fully-functional success operation.  It’s not enough to say you want to make money or be your own boss.

Everyone wants those things, but not everyone can achieve those goals.

It takes a special person.

You don’t have to be a workaholic or be willing to engage in questionable marketing tactics.  You just need to have a few characteristics that are common to most successful Internet marketers.

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Beware: Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Do you believe that you can make money online?

I didn’t ask if you want to make money online – because we already established that you do. I was questioning your belief system.

If you stop and give it some thought, you might realize that although you may wish with all your heart that the money was already rolling in, in truth, you may harbor some real self-doubts about ever fulfilling your dream.

Why is that?

                                             Whether you’re trying to make money, lose weight, get married, have children, or overcome any obstacle in life,  you have to remember the power you hold in your own hands that will shape your future. 

Perhaps you are absorbing the message from family members and friends who do not support your dream?

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Market like a Missile

This is something I don’t recommend you try yourself. The message though, is a sound one, definitely worth taking to heart, so I decided to talk about it here on my blog.

I’m referring to John Chow’s latest video in his series that he calls “Driving with John Chow.” I just chanced upon it today, and he’s already up to episode #30, so I imagine he’s got lots of other interesting tidbits on the other ones.

Don’t try this at home (or in the car!)

He records his video while driving in his open convertible. While I’ll admit that it adds to the coolness factor, I spent most of my viewing time worrying about his road safety, as well as the safety of his daughter Sally, who seems determined to distract her father (and maybe grab some of the attention for herself?).

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Is Your Path To Success Hindered By Excuses?

If you were to ask me why it is that I have been swimming around in the vast waters of the Internet Marketing ocean for over three years already, yet have nothing yet to show for it , I have a whole list of excuses at the ready.

To be fair to myself, these are real and valid excuses; but excuses nonetheless. I have similar reasons when I ask myself why I haven’t yet embarked on that long-awaited diet.

At the root of all my excuses is the fact that I simply don’t have time.

From there branch out all the details – my kids, cooking, shopping (for necessities, never leisure!), chauffeuring my kids to and from school, taking care of them when they come home, putting them to bed, enduring the mountains of laundry that they generate, trying to earn some money in any spare moment that I can find. And the list goes on.

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