Drilling Down A Niche Til You Hit Gold

Finding profitable niches can be difficult.

Finding one that isn’t extremely saturated can be intimidating when you’re just starting out as an Internet marketer.

The key to finding niches that are both profitable and have little competition is drilling down a top-level niche to find profitable sub-niches with fewer competitors.

For example, let’s say you’re interested in creating a site that has to do with beauty.

You can drill the beauty category down into several different sub-categories.

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Your Guide to $100 a Day Online

There are many reasons why you might want to start making money online.

Some want to pay off past debt, others want extra spending money, and some are building wealth to prepare for their financial future.

When you start looking into ways to make money online, and what’s possible for your efforts, you hear experts talk about setting goals for yourself.

Some of those goals will be task-related, such as writing 5 pages per day.

Others will be related to your cash flow, such as earning your first dollar online, or getting to the $100 per day milestone.

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Your Guide to $100 a Day Online – Part 5

Step 5: Prepare a Lucrative Joint Venture

Networking in this manner helps you connect with other marketers in your niche.

No marketer wants to be left completely alone in their online efforts.

Everyone enjoys finding like-minded niche leaders because it provides ample profit potential.

Don’t approach another marketer with a cookie cutter offer for them to promote you.

There is a certain amount of etiquette involved.

To start with, promote their products if you believe in them so much.

Connect with them about your affiliate status and how your customers are enjoying their products.

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Your Guide to $100 a Day Online – Part 4

Step 4: Socialize Your Site Well

Many marketers get all excited about online marketing, so they pick a good niche, create great content and slap it up on their blog, intending to wake up the next morning with their very first sale.

Only, this isn’t a situation where if you build it, they will come.

You have to spread the word about your site, and online, that means socialization.

Social networking sites are those like Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook.

It also means getting the word out on forums within your niche.

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Your Guide to $100 a Day Online – Part 3

Step 3: Blog Daily

Blogging daily is important for you to achieve your financial goals.

Blogs are well received by Google and other search engines, and they’re also easy to run and rank quickly in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Line up a set of blog topics for your niche.

Don’t worry as much about keywords as you do writing for your target audience.

Keywords don’t buy from you, humans do.

Use keyword research as a guide to help you discover what your target audience wants.

But steer clear of writing some perfect formula of words that ramps your content up to a specific density level.

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Your Guide to $100 a day Online – Part 2

Step 2: Pair Products and Services

There’s one thing people need to remember whenever you’re striving for that $100 a day goal – you need to work hard on all levels to make it happen for you.

Some experts will advise that you pick one niche, one business model – and work on it from there.

Others will tell you to diversify from the very beginning.

This is a great concept because it helps you cover all bases.

When one branch isn’t making as much money, you have the potential to bring in cash in other ways.

Some methods are residual, while others crank out cash one time only for you.

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You Guide to $100 a day Online – Part 1

Step 1: Pick a Money Niche

Without the right niche, you’re not going to be making anything, much less $100 a day.

But forget the whole slimy process of looking for one specific keyword that has just the right measure of traffic and the least amount of competition.

You may want $100 a day, but your next goal will be to multiply that into something more, right?

That means you’ll need to have a niche you enjoy working in – and personal satisfaction also translates into more money – more so than keyword volume and competition stats do.

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How I Make My Own Images For Free

… and in ten seconds flat, to boot.

We all know that including images into your posts or articles make for a much more reader-friendly experience.

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting as much as I should have is because I find it a pain to look for images.

And I’m not really ready to pay for photos.

I want free ones.

Yes, there are a couple of resources to obtain images for free, and I have duly checked those out.

But I found myself spending too much time browsing through the pictures until I would find one that I liked, only to discover, upon downloading, that I had to give attribution to the owner.

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How to Turn Your Photo Into a Cartoon for Free

I’m going to share with you today a little-known resource for making all kinds of cool effects with your photo.

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting someone on fiverr to make me a cartoon character so I can put it on my blog.

Then I decided I’ll try to do it for free.

Who knows – maybe all the fiverr guys are using this tool too? 🙂

It actually doesn’t even have to be a photo of a person; it can be any picture or image.

Some suggested uses:

-Turn a real photo into a black and white pencil sketch.

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How to Add an Opt-In Form for Your Blog


In my last post I mentioned how excited I was to have an opt-in form on my blog, and how easy it was. I also mentioned how to NOT go about creating an opt-in form.

Apparently, that’s not helpful enough for anyone looking to actually create one!

So here we go – How to add an opt-in form for your blog:

(1) Assuming you have an Aweber account (or similar autoresponder system), click on “Sign-up Form” then “Create a Sign Up Form.

(2)Start by choosing a template (basic is fine; don’t forget, you only need the two lines where your future subscribers will input their name and email address).

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