Hello, there!

I thought I’d finally check back in here. Writing always helps me get my thoughts out, and I usually find myself much more organized after doing so.

So, let me first begin by saying how frustrating it’s been the past couple of months where I was so bogged down with my regular work, that I had barely any time to focus on creating my online program.

Yes, I know, my work is from home, and love the flexibility that working from home offers, but it’s still not flexible enough for me.

And although I know (or at least like to think) that I’m good at what I do, I still don’t have any major passion for it; I just do it because it brings in money, and money is what we need to keep life moving.

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What I’m Up to Now, How I’ve Made Progress

Wow, although I haven’t posted in a while, I have not faded into oblivion.

I’m still here, and still working on my business.

Where I’m holding:

I finally came up with a “hook” that I liked for my membership idea. It was one of those ideas that hits you when you’re brushing your teeth (because it’s the only quiet moment you actually have…the other quiet moment is when you’re drifting off to sleep. Which doesn’t make for an awful lot of creative ideas hitting you – mainly because of the drifting-off-to-sleep factor….:) )

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17 Ideas for Making Your First $100 Online

17 ways to make money

More and more people are earning money on the Internet every single day. Although it might not be as easy as some scammy websites make it seem, it is very possible with some work! Yes, I’m afraid that you do need to do some work. But the more you do, the more it will pay off. Eventually you may even find that you earn money while you sleep! So, without further ado, here are 17 ideas for making money online.

1) Write Articles

Content makes the internet go round. Think about all the websites you visit on a daily basis. The chances are you read some information on them, right? Well somebody needs to write that information! Now, don’t expect to approach a huge blog and become a staff writer overnight. Just as you would with real life magazines, you need to build up your experience and credentials before you’ll be able to write for a big website.

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