Hello, there!

I thought I’d finally check back in here. Writing always helps me get my thoughts out, and I usually find myself much more organized after doing so.

So, let me first begin by saying how frustrating it’s been the past couple of months where I was so bogged down with my regular work, that I had barely any time to focus on creating my online program.

Yes, I know, my work is from home, and love the flexibility that working from home offers, but it’s still not flexible enough for me.

And although I know (or at least like to think) that I’m good at what I do, I still don’t have any major passion for it; I just do it because it brings in money, and money is what we need to keep life moving.

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My Foray, Part 2

Week 3 almost passed me by without an update! That’s what happens when writing a post is not on the list of homework, I guess. I’m going to have to put it into my to-do list by myself.

This week involved setting up a free report, a squeeze page, and a thank-you page and uploading them to my server, as well as creating an opt-in form for  my sidebar.

The instructions were pretty clear, and since I already had filezilla, kompozer, and aweber, it went without a hitch, thank goodness.

What I learned that I didn’t know before:

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My Foray Into Internet Marketing, Part I

I did say that I was going to document my journey to Internet Marketing success, and that you were going to be joining me for the ride, so here goes!

The first week’s lessons were the easiest for me. It involved picking a niche. (I decided to go with helping others learn to make their first dollars online, and I would also love to go into weight loss. Soon!)

Buying a domain name, connecting it to my previously-purchased hosting, and setting up a blog (this one!) was pretty simple and straightforward; I followed the directions exactly. I even learned how to make a header, a concept that I’d never even thought of before.

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