My Foray Into Internet Marketing, Part I

I did say that I was going to document my journey to Internet Marketing success, and that you were going to be joining me for the ride, so here goes!

The first week’s lessons were the easiest for me. It involved picking a niche. (I decided to go with helping others learn to make their first dollars online, and I would also love to go into weight loss. Soon!)

Buying a domain name, connecting it to my previously-purchased hosting, and setting up a blog (this one!) was pretty simple and straightforward; I followed the directions exactly. I even learned how to make a header, a concept that I’d never even thought of before.

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Is Your Path To Success Hindered By Excuses?

If you were to ask me why it is that I have been swimming around in the vast waters of the Internet Marketing ocean for over three years already, yet have nothing yet to show for it , I have a whole list of excuses at the ready.

To be fair to myself, these are real and valid excuses; but excuses nonetheless. I have similar reasons when I ask myself why I haven’t yet embarked on that long-awaited diet.

At the root of all my excuses is the fact that I simply don’t have time.

From there branch out all the details – my kids, cooking, shopping (for necessities, never leisure!), chauffeuring my kids to and from school, taking care of them when they come home, putting them to bed, enduring the mountains of laundry that they generate, trying to earn some money in any spare moment that I can find. And the list goes on.

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Is it Really Possible to Make Money Online?

You’ve been hearing rumors about people making money online . . . and you want in. Maybe you don’t have a job, or you are sick of yours.  Or, like me, you would like to stay home with your kids, and need to supplement your husband’s income. Regardless of the reason, everyone needs to earn money to survive and pay the bills, and you’re pretty sure that there is bound to be SOME way for you to earn money via the Internet.

I’d like to make one thing clear: it is DEFINITELY possible to make money online. Unfortunately, that is where the clarity ends. Because when you get to the next step of figuring out howyou are going to go about doing so, that’s where the confusion sets in.

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Welcome To My Blog

Hi there!

This is a very exciting first step in my journey to document my way for you to learn how to make money online. It may seem very daunting, and the more you dig around in the big wide world of Internet Marketing, the more lost you get! (Raise your hand if you agree and found that to be true!)

Besides for getting lost, you also develop a serious disorder called the Shiny Object Syndrome, where every new product that is launched suddenly seems to be calling your name, whether you need it or not, whether you can afford it or not. Well, that’s professional copy writing for you. These people pay big bucks for copywriters to develop a sales page that makes you scramble in a haste for the “buy now” button before you even finish reading the sales letter! True story.

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