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In my last post I mentioned how excited I was to have an opt-in form on my blog, and how easy it was. I also mentioned how to NOT go about creating an opt-in form.

Apparently, that’s not helpful enough for anyone looking to actually create one!

So here we go – How to add an opt-in form for your blog:

(1) Assuming you have an Aweber account (or similar autoresponder system), click on “Sign-up Form” then “Create a Sign Up Form.

(2)Start by choosing a template (basic is fine; don’t forget, you only need the two lines where your future subscribers will input their name and email address).

(3) Once you load the template, you can click the x button which appears when you hover over it, to get rid of all the headers, footers, etc, leaving you only with the bare-bones essentials.

(4)Customize it as you like — change the font, make it bold (click on it to see your options), and pull the “resize” button to pull it out or make it smaller.

(5) Important: don’t forget to save your form! Then “Go To Step 2.”

(6)On the next page, where it says “Form Name” you will put in the name that you are calling this form – to distinguish it from all the rest of the forms you will make, ever.

(7)(You don’t have to enable Facebook integration.)

(8)Where is says “Thank You Page,” I highly recommend choosing “custom page” and putting the URL to your free report. I’m taking the liberty to say “your free report” because I’m sure you have offered your potential subscribers something in exchange for their email addresses, haven’t you? If not, please do!

(9)Save it all, and go to step 3, which is “Publish.” Tell them you will insert it yourself, click on the Java snippet, and copy and paste your code. The coolest thing is that once you have that code, and even after you place it on your website, any changes you make to it will automatically appear. On their own. One less hassle for you!

(10) Now here comes the even cooler part: So far all you have is the code for the name, email, along with the submit button. Now you need the text, the reason that will convince your visitors to input their information. This is easier done than said!


(11)Decide what you want to write. You need a compelling headline, which I’m sure you have. If not – think about it! What would make YOU want to give someone your email address? On your blog, go to “Add New Post,” and put your text into the visual editor. Format it as you like – change the colors, the sizes, center it, add an image, etc.

(12)Then, SIMPLY switch over to the “text” part of your editor, and suddenly you see all the coding for your formatted post! Copy it (no need to save it, unless you want to make changes, which you probably will, so in that case, save it as a draft)…

(13)… and copy it into a text widget on your sidebar. And directly underneath that, paste your code that you got from Aweber!

(14) Test it! Go back and make changes if you’d like. Beautiful, isn’t it?

P.S. This tutorial was assuming that you also already have a list set up, where someone who signs up will automatically receive an email with the link to their promised reward (which you probably already gave them immediately upon signing up).

Was this helpful at all? Please let me know if there was anything more I could’ve said to make it clearer. Would pictures have been easier for you to follow along? Feedback is always welcome . . . in the comments section below!

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